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The Nordic Rowing Federation is an association of the rowing federations from Denmark, Finland, the Faeroes, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The organization of the Open Nordic Championship in rowing, the Nordic 8 Grand Prix tournament and the Nordic Indoor Open tournament is some of the largest arrangements. The main task of the Federation is coordination of rowing-related issues across-borders.

A number of subcommittees, including the Nordic Umpiring Committee and the Nordic Sports Committee, take care of the cross border work in their respective field of competence.

Join the Nordic Rowing Masters regatta in Copenhagen, July 29th-30th 2017

The Masters organization will execute the 2017 Open Nordic Rowing Master regatta in Copenhagen. The arrangement will be based on a number of volunteers predominantly from the rowing clubs in the Copenhagen area.

The event will be managed by the Copenhagen regatta association that is the organization responsible for 6-7 regattas (including the Danish Championships) on Lake Bagsværd and two major indoor event Danish Slide and Fit for Rowing (included the Danish Championships indoor).

Go to the webpage below for more information.

Dansk roning har offentliggjort en video om det at være banedommer

Dansk Forening for Rosport har netop offentliggjort en YouTube video der elegant viser interesserede hvad en banedommer laver.

Uddannelsesudvalget under Dommerudvalget i DFfR håber dette bidrag vil hjælpe med at få flere til at interessere sig for dommergerningen.

Se videoen her

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September 2012: 6 users have been excluded and their newly created content removed.

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